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What is High aspect ratio? We can do Max 40:1

What is High aspect ratio? We can do Max 40:1

The printed circuit board manufacturing industry is increasingly demanding high aspect ratio, small hole printed circuit board plating processes. It is the driving force behind the development of high-level multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturing technology. Because of the reliability of the hole plating, the use of printed circuit boards plays a key role. How to ensure high aspect ratio deep hole plating is a technical task for all printed circuit workers and is the most important issue that must be faced. To this end, many research departments have embarked on planned development and development. There are many methods for pushing forward from the current scientific and technological information, including pulse plating technology, chemical vapor deposition technology, solution impact plating technology, full chemical copper plating technology and improved (high acid and low copper) air stirring technology. This section of the technology is now introduced as follows:

Pulse plating technology has long been used in electroforming process and is a relatively mature technology. However, a large number of process tests must be performed for high aspect ratio small hole plating. Since the pulse power source is different from the general DC power source, it turns the rectifier on/off at a speed of US through a switching element to provide a pulse signal to the cathode. When the rectifier is in the off state, it is more efficiently directed into the hole than the direct current. The boundary layer replenishes copper ions to make the high aspect ratio printed circuit board deposits more uniform. The pulse rectifiers that have been developed have been applied to the fully enclosed horizontal electroplating production line, and the effects of the use have achieved extremely obvious economic and technical results.

The "timing back pulse" is used to make the current in the power supply mode and the plating is reversed (ie, the anode is dissolved) alternately according to the 


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