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Welcome to Minkinzi

Minkinzi Circuit Technology Co., ltd started with providing PCB design service. In 1995, we built the first plant in Shenzhen, providing pcb fast quickturn prototype service. In 2001, expanded the service to small and middle batch orders. In 2003, we were ISO13485 certified. In 2006, we built the first SMT and assembly Plant started with 3 smt lines and 2 assembly lines, mainly do prototype and small volume. In 2007, we were TS16949 and GJB9001B certified. In 2009, we built the plant in Huizhou, mainly provide huge volume manufacturing, In 2013, our SMT plant, have 16 smt line and 8 assembly lines.To meet our customer's need for entire products, in 2015, become a shareholder of two outer shell factory, in this way, except for the pcb and pcba, we also provide the customize service for outer shell(mainly are plastic and metal). In general, we help our customers manufacture from bare board, source BOM component, smt and assembly, provide IC Program Burn, Function Test, to the finished product. You only need to share your idea with us, then we can help you it to the physical products.

We manufacture the bare board comply with IPC, ISO, UL, and ROHS standards. Including 1-136 Layer Rigid PCB, 1-14 Layer Flexible PCB,4-128 Layer Rigid-flexible PCB, 1-4 Layer Aluminum and Copper base PCB. We can do technology: Blind and Buried Via, Impedance Control, Gold Finger, HDI, Hollow out,Fill via with resin,Press fit hole,Edge Half‐plated hole,Back drill,Countersink,Depth control(Depth control hole and Depth control routing),Plated edge,Selective Hard gold plating,Peelable solder mask and other special PCB technology. We usually have the material in stock, such as Tg180,PTFE,Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Teflon,Isola,ITEQ, Dupont,Polyimide,Ventec,Nelco, and other special materials. We are ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO13485, ISO14001,ISO10012,OHSAS 18001,GJB9001B,AS9100,certified.

We have fully automatic SMT machines( 40 units  SMT machines, with a daily production capacity of 10 million points), fully automatic screen printer, Ten temperature zone reflow welding, wave-soldering, SPI, AOI, X-ray, solder paste thickness tester, BGA rework station, Reflow Checker,can smt 01005 CHIP material and 0.3mm pitch BGA/QFN.

We have been serving the customers in areas: communications, industrial controls, power electronics, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace, and military. Most of our customers are located in America, Europe and other Asian countries. 2018. production apacity is 2.2 million square meter per month, total employees is 1906,Factory areas is 86,000 sq.m..

The mission of Minkinzi Circuit Technology Co., ltd is to provide high-quality products, build long term business relationship with the customers around the world.The core values of Minkinzi Circuit Technology Co., ltd are "Integrity, Cooperation, Progress, Customer-centric and Market-oriented." We always treat service, quality, and cost as most important and strive to create maximum value for our clients, we treasure each customer and take each project seriously.

  • FPC/Flexible PCB and Rigid Flexible PCB Plant

    FPC/Flexible PCB and Rigid Flexible PCB Plant

    1-14 Layer Flexible PCB,4-128 Layer Rigid-flexible PCB
    Including Power battery FPC,Industrial engineering FPC,The tablet FPC,The car radar FPC,Medical equipment FPC,The LED module FPC,Smart wear FPC,Communication phone FPC, our FPC and rigid flex circuit are widely used in TFT,LCD,Display, Module, Touchscreen, Sensor,Cable, Control, Membrane Switch,Membrane Keypads, OLED,etc.

  • Rigid PCB Plant

    Rigid PCB Plant

    1-136 Layer Rigid PCB, we manufacture Blind and Buried Via pcb, Impedance Control pcb, Gold Finger pcb, HDI pcb( we made many 12L,5 step HDI with blind and buried via), microwave pcb, rf pcb(we made many RF PCB with TLC-30 Material board), etc. we usually have Tg180,PTFE,Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Teflon,Isola,ITEQ,Dupont,Ventec,Nelco,etc in stock.

  • Flexible, Rigid Flexible, Rigid PCB Assembly Plant

    Flexible, Rigid Flexible, Rigid PCB Assembly Plant

    We manufacture bare board, help buy Bom component, do smt, DIP, Assembly, also help assemble the PCBA and outer box, provide the customer final finished product, we can smt 01005 CHIP material and 0.3mm pitch BGA/QFN.Provide IC program Burn and Function Test based on customer’s config file. We use us brand ALPHA solder paste.Have X-Ray, AOI, XRF,2D,SPI test.

  • Workshop

    • Drilling Line

      Drilling Line

    • Automatic UV Exposure

      Automatic UV Exposure

    • Laser Cutting

      Laser Cutting

    • Flying Probe Test Machine

      Flying Probe Test Machine

    • SMT Line

      SMT Line

    • X Ray

      X Ray

    • AOI Line

      AOI Line


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