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Rigid PCB

TechnologyBlind and Buried Via, HDI,Hollow out, Selective Hard gold plating,Depth Control,Press fit hole, Edge Half-plated hole, Back drill, Countersink hole, Plated edge, Peelable solder mask, Imedance control, Gold Finger, Fill via with resin and other technology.
MaterialsStandard FR4/Mid-Tg FR4/Hi-Tg FR4,CEM-1/CEM-3,PTFE,Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,
Teflon,Isola,ITEQ,Dupont,Polyimide,Metal Core Material,Ventec,Nelco
Max. PCB Panel Size3000mmx620mm
Board Thickness0.2-12mm
Board Thickness Tolerance±10%
Copper thickness0.5 OZ to 13 OZ
copper thickness in holecopper thickness in hole: >25.0 um(>1mil)
Min Conductor Line Trace/SpaceInner Layers:≧3/3mil(0.075/0.075mm for 1/2oz base Copper)
Outer Layers:≧3.5/3.5mil
Via in Pad
Resin plugged hole size0.3-0.75mm
Resin plugged board thickness0.3-8mm
Resin plugged maximum aspect ratio40:1
Resin plugged minimum hole to hole space(mm)0.65mm
For HDIMin. mechanical drilling hole diameter0.15mm
Min. laser drilling hole diameter0.075mm
Max. aspect(micro-via)1:1
Max. dielectric thickness for laser drill0.05-0.15mm
Bottom pad size(under micro-via)Hole Size+0.17mm
Top side pad size(on micro-via)Hole Size+0.15mm
Copper fillingY
Via in pad designY
Buried hole resin pluggedY
Min. via size can be copper filled0.075mm
Min plated hole size20um(0.8mil)
Min Blind/Buried hole size0.2mm(8mil)
Min Annular Ring±0.076mm(±3mil)
Min width of cutout (NPTH)0.8mm
Min width of slot hole (PTH)0.6mm
Solder mask colorgreen, red, blue, white, yellow, purple, black, orange, LPI, matt green,matt black
Silkscreen colorWhite, Yellow, Red, Black
Surface finishENIG, ENEPIG,Immersion Tin, HASL, HASL-LF, OSP,Selective OSP, Gold finger, Immersion Silver,Bare Copper,Hard gold plating, Selective hard gold plating,Selective Immersion gold,Selective gold plating,HASL-LF+Selective Immersion gold,HASL-LF+Selective gold plating,HASL-LF+OSP,and other surface treatments.
OutlineRouting, V-cut, Bridge, Stamp hole
Outline Tolerance±0.15mm (±6mil)
Hole TolerancePTH +/-3mil
NPTH +/-2mil
Controled Impendence+/-5%(<50Ω), +/-10%(≧50Ω)
E-TestFlying probe test:0.4-6.0mm, max 19.6"*23.5"
Min spacing from test pad to board edge:0.5mm
Min conductive resistance:5Ω
Max insulation resistance:250mΩ
Max test voltage:500V
Min test pad diameter:6mil
Min test pad to pad spacing:10mil
Max test pad to pad spacing:10mil
Max test current:200MA
AOIOrbotech SK-75 AOI:0.05-6.0mm, max23.5"*23.5"
Orbotech Ves machine:0.05-6.0mm, max23.5"*23.5"
ProfilingPunching,Routing, V-CUT,Beveling

Rigid Flexible PCB, Flexible PCB

Layers4-128(for rigid-flex circuits);1-14(for flex circuits)
Base MaterialsKapton, Polyimide, PET,FR4(for rigid part),Customer requested,any other materials, customer can confirm with us.
Stiffener MaterialsPolyimide, PET, FR4, SUS,Customer requested
Max board size3000mm*520mm
Min. Buried Via/PAD0.4mm/1.0mm
Min. Distance from Via to Line0.3mm
Min.Track Width/Space0.051mm/0.051mm
Min hole-drilling size0.2mm
Min hole-punching size0.5mm
Aspect Ratio20:1
Base Copper1/4Oz--13Oz
Surface TreatmentENIG: 0.025um - 3um;Immersion Tin: 0.04-1.5um;OSP,any other surface treatment, customer can confirm with us.
Min pad5mil(0.13mm)
Min finished hole size0.15mm
Outline Tolerance±0.05mm
Hole Registration±0.05mm
Conductor to Outline tolerance±0.1mm
Conductor Width tolerance±10%
Hole wall thickness10-50um
Max hole-plugging size0.7mil
Solder mask tolerance50+/-10%, 75+/-10%, 100+/-10%
Peel strenth1.0kgf/cm(IPC-TM-650)
Solder Float288℃/10s(IPC Standard)

Metal Core Circuits(MPCB)

MetalAluminum, Copper
Supplier for laminateBerquist, Thermogan, Totking, Polytronics, Eastpower, Chengyue CCAF etc.
Finish board thickness0.2~5.0mm
Copper thickness≦3oz
Supplier for solder maskTaiyo, Fotochem etc.
Surface finishElectrolytic silver, ENIG, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, OSP, Lead Free HASL etc.
Type of finished outlineRouting, punching, V-cut
Min trace width/spacing:0.25/0.25mm
Bow and twist≤0.75%
Min hole's size1.0mm
Thermal resistance (℃/W)1.0, 0.4
Thermal-conductive (W/m·k)1.0, 2.5

PCBA Capability

Stencil Size Range736mm x 736mm(28.97"X28.97")
SMTPosition accuracy: 20um
Components size: 0.4*0.2mm -130*79mm, chip, QFP, BGA, POP
Max. PCB Size: 680mm x500mm
Min.PCB size:no limited
Min. PCB Thickness: 0.3 to 6mm
Min. IC Pitch: 0.30mm
Min. Chip Size : 0201(0.2" x 0.1") / 0603 (0.6mmx 0.3mm)
Wave-SolderMax.PCB width: 450
Min.PCB width: no Limited
Component height: Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Min BGA and Micro BGA pitch and ball counts0.008"(0.2mm) pitch, ball count greater than 1000
Max. BGA Size74mm x74mm
BGA Ball Pitch1.00mm (Min); 3.00mm (Max)
BGA Ball Diameter0.40mm (Min); 1.00mm (Max)
QFP Lead Pitch0.38mm (Min); 2.54mm (Max)
Assembly surface mount connectorsyes
TestingX-Ray , AOI, Microscope to 20x, ICT, Function test, Temperature cycling.
PCB shapeall
Frequency of Stencil Cleaning1 time / 5 ~ 10 Pieces


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